T.W.G.Hs. Mrs. Wu York Yu Memorial College

Chemistry Laboratory Regulations and Precautions

( only for F.3 - F.6 )
  1. ALWAYS wear Safety Goggles or Glasses in the Chemistry Laboratory.
  2. BENCHES and balances must be kept clean and tidy. Chemicals spilled on bench/balance must be properly cleaned.
  3. GLASS rods or tubing should never be forced into rubber bungs or corks; proper boring technique should be followed.
  4. INFLAMMABLE liquid should never be used/placed near a naked flame. Sources of ignition nearby should also be checked.
  5. JOTTING down data ( such as weighing or reading from an instrument ) on a filter paper or any loose sheet should be avoided.
  6. KNOW the nature of the experiment to be performed, and the sorts of potential hazards associated with.
  7. LOOKING into a test tube or a flash containing chemicals should not be attempted.
  8. NEVER work alone in a laboratory unless another person is within call.
  9. OVENS and fume cupboards should not be used unless they are properly ventilated.
  10. PIPETTING toxic or volatile chemicals by mouth is very risky. Use a pipette-filler.
  11. QUANTITIES of chemicals used for an experiment should be properly worked out beforehand to avoid undue excess and waste.
  12. REAGENT bottles must be kept in their proper places. Use only one at a time and return in proper and clear condition.
  13. SMOKING, eating and drinking are forbidden in the laboratory or the chemical store.
  14. TOXIC chemicals should be handled with great care. Necessary precaution should be exercised.
  15. UNDIVIDED and continuous attention should be focused on preparations and distillations.
  16. VIGOROUS agitation of chemicals should be minimized or avoided.
  17. WHEN highly reactive reagents are to be used for an experiment, the suitable working place should be in a well-ventilated fume-cupboard, behind a safety screen.
  18. NEVER write anything on the laboratory benches and stools.
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