T.W.G.Hs. Mrs. Wu York Yu Memorial College


  1. Students should follow strictly the instructions given by the teacher.

  2. Students should not enter the laboratory unless a teacher is present.

  3. Students should not enter the preparation room without permission.

  4. Students should not make any adjustment of the Air-conditioner without permission.

  5. Students should not remove anything from the laboratory without permission.

  6. Students should not rush around or play in the laboratory.

  7. Long hair must be securely tied.

  8. Experiments under way should not be left unattended.

  9. All apparatus and materials must be returned to the original position after use ; laboratory reagents and chemicals should be returned to the appropriate places immediately after use, with their labels facing the front.

  10. Special care is needed when working with many chemicals which have known hazards. It is important to understand the hazard in each case and to take the proper precautions.

  11. Pipette fillers should be used in transferring liquid chemicals which are toxic in nature. ( -- for upper form students --)

  12. Excess of chemicals or reagents should not be put back into the original container.

  13. Insoluble waste should not be put into the sink.

  14. Dispose the Chemical waste in the specified container.

  15. Students should immediately report all accidents and breakages to their teacher ;damaged glassware should be disposed into the "glass disposal" container. 15.

  16. Mercury, if spilled, should be cleaned thoroughly without delay, especially in confined areas.

  17. Students have to pay for any damages of breakages caused by their carelessness or disobedience.

  18. Students should not suck fingers or pencils when in the laboratory since these may be contaminated with chemicals as well as germs which may cause infectious diseases.

  19. Eating, drinking and smoking are strictly forbidden in the laboratory and preparation room.

  20. Wear protective clothing ( e.g. laboratory gown ) in the laboratory. Torn or ragged clothing can be dangerous instead of protective.

  21. Wear eye protection ( e.g. safety spectacles ) in the laboratory whenever there is any risk to the eyes.

  22. Wear protective gloves when required to handle animal dissections, or, corrosive or hazardous chemicals; wear a face shield or respirator if necessary.

  23. When Bunsen Burners, gas appliances or chemicals are to be used, all air-conditioner should be switched off and exhaust fans switched on. The windows of these special rooms should be left open.

  24. Flame should not be left burning in unattended area, In case of fire, don't get panic. Seek help from teacher/technician. If your clothes catch fire, roll on the floor.

  25. Hot objects should not be placed directly on the bench; a glass fibre mat should be used.

  26. Electrical equipment that gives off sparks or fire during experiment, should be switched off immediately.

  27. Turn off the electricity and gas after use.

  28. NEVER write anything on the laboratory benches and stools.

  29. Wash hands after experiments, especially those involving the use of chemicals, living organisms, and radioactive substances.

  30. Do not throw rubbish into the sand bucket.

  31. 30. Clean all apparatus after the experiment.

  32. 31. Benches must be kept clean and tidy before leaving the laboratory.


Activities on Laboratory Safety for Students : http://cd1.edb.hkedcity.net/cd/science/laboratory/content_activities.html

實驗室安全學習活動 : http://cd1.edb.hkedcity.net/cd/science/laboratory/content_activities_c.html

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東華三院伍若瑜夫人紀念中學---實驗室紀律 >>English<<
  1. 學生必須嚴格遵從教師之指示。
  2. 除非有老師在場,學生不得擅進實驗室。
  3. 學生未經批准不得進入預備室。
  4. 學生不得擅自調節或開關空調設備。
  5. 學生未經許可不得移去實驗室內之物品。
  6. 學生不應在實驗室內追逐或嬉戲。
  7. 須把長髮束好。
  8. 所有進行中之實驗必須有人照顧。
  9. 儀器和用具用後須放回原處,試劑及藥品用完後應即放回適當的位置,而容器上之標籤亦應向外,以便於辨認。
  10. 使用危險藥品進行實驗須特別小心,每次都應明瞭該等實驗之危險性,並採取適當之預防措施。
  11. 用移液管量取有毒之液體時,必須使用移液管膠泵。
  12. 化學品倒出後,切勿倒回藥樽內。
  13. 不要讓固體棄置在去水盆內。
  14. 化學廢料要倒進指定的收集容器。
  15. 如遇意外或儀器損毀,學生應即時向老師報告,損毀的玻璃應棄置在指定的容器。
  16. 當有水銀濺瀉,應立即將影響範圍徹底清理。
  17. 學生須要賠償因不小心或不適當使用而損壞的儀器。
  18. 學生不應在實驗室內吮指頭或鉛筆,以免沾染藥品或細菌而引致疾病。
  19. 在實驗室及預備室內,嚴禁飲食與吸煙。
  20. 在實驗室工作時,須穿著保護外衣(例如實驗袍)。破舊之袍服不祇沒有保護作用,而且可能引致危險。
  21. 實驗時如有需要,應配戴安全眼鏡。
  22. 在解剖動物或處理腐蝕性/危險性之藥品時,必須戴上手套;如有需要更應配戴護面罩。實驗室備有防毒面具可供需要時使用。
  23. 在使用本生燈或化學品時,應關掉所有空調設備,開動排氣扇,並打開所有窗戶。
  24. 燃火時要注意火源狀況及其四周環境,遇有失火時,不要慌張,應立即向老師或技術員尋求協助,如果衣物起火,可在地上打滾滅火。
  25. 不可將加熱的物件直接放在面上,須放置在纖維板上。
  26. 如電器出現火花或燒壞,應立即關掉電源。
  27. 電掣及氣體開關掣用後須關掉。
  28. 不可塗污實驗室內任何物品。
  29. 實驗完畢應即洗手;尤其是涉及使用化學品、生物體及放射性物質之實驗。 30. 不可將棄置東西掉進防火沙桶。
  30. 實驗完畢,清潔儀器。
  31. 離開實驗室前,確保實驗室內清潔和整齊。

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